After 4 days of intense CS:GO action, we have the winner of the inaugural King of the Hill Asia, Team Secret from Vietnam!!

Featuring 4 members of the old SkyRed line-up, Secret went into the BO5 Grand Finals with a map advantage against Puzzle from China. While favourites to win the KOTH, they faced stiff challenge from the Chinese team which consisted of a mix between 3 ex-members of QeeYou, and were 2-1 down at one point. However, Secret seemed to wake up at the right time, and with Crazyguy’s AWP leading the way, they managed to win it 3-2, and take the title AND the 4000$!

The winning lineup(with two stand-ins) are:

Cong ‘crazyguy’ Anh Ngo
Hoang ‘d@rklord’ Giang Phung
Ngoc ‘Zac’ Thien Nguyen
Anthony ‘Impression’ Lim
Vu ‘cLb’ Hoang Nguyen

For the brackets, demos, scores and more head over here

Stay tuned to SoStronk for more announcements coming very soon!!

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