20,000 INR King Of The Hill #1 Announcement

Dates: 16th and 17th of May 2015
Total Teams: 4

SoStronk is excited to announce their invite based King of The Hill fortnightly tournament. We will be running this tournament every two weeks (twice a month) with four of the best indian teams competing to be the King. ‘The King Stay The King’. The winner of the first King of The Hill will automatically be in the Grand Final for the next King of The Hill until they are dethroned!


All four teams are seeded based on community opinion and previous performances. Since this is the first KOTH we will be seeding teams based on how they performed respectively in GGNETWORK#1 and GGNETWORK#2. The seeding determines the matchups therefore Seed #1 vs Seed #4 and Seed #2 vs Seed #3. As we do more KOTH’s the seeding will be adjusted with the results.

Tournament Format

The tournament is going to be a single elimination BO3 tournament with the grand finals being a BO5. This means there are exactly three matches in the tournament. Two semi-finals and a grand final.

Match Schedule


Map Pool

The map pool consists of 7 Maps.

  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_mirage
  • de_overpass
  • de_cache
  • de_train
  • de_cobblestone

Veto System

The veto system for the BO3 is as follows:

  • Random Toss
  • Winner Bans One Map
  • Loser Bans One Map.
  • Winner Picks Map One
  • Loser Picks Map Two
  • Final Map Randomized out of the remaining three.

The veto system for BO5 is as follows:

  • Random Toss
  • Winner Bans One Map
  • Loser Bans One Map
  • Winner Picks Map 1
  • Loser Picks Map 2
  • Winner Picks Map 3
  • Loser Picks Map 4
  • Remaining Map is Map 5

Overtime Rules

The overtime rules are the default overtime rules its an MR6 (First to win four rounds wins) with 10k startmoney.

Tournament Etiquette & Governance

We will be sticking strictly to our previous two tournament etiquette rules and governance with IndiGO. Attached below is the PDF. Do refer to it for any clarification on ruleset. Tournament Rules Document

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