Elunes wins KOTH #1

SoStronk is proud to announce Elunes (our reigning IndiGO champions) as the first kings of the hill. They can now sit happy atop the hill and wait for the next challenger to emerge from the challenger series.

Road To Finals

They faced tMg in the semi-finals which they made quick work of beating them comfortably over two maps (16-8 and 16-3). Next they faced familiar foes Neckbreak, the team they had lost to at the BIEC LAN late last year. After seeing NeckBreak pull a tremendous T half on de_inferno which was 9-6 many were confident that Neckbreak would take the win but Elunes had other plans, they fought back on the harder side of Inferno and made an insane comeback winning the map 16-13. The next two maps were much easier for Elunes as they won comfortably to make it 3-0 (16-6 on de_dust2 and 16-4 on de_cbble)


Elunes takes home first place and the whole prize pot of 20,000 INR. The others leave with nothing. Its brutal but thats how it works.

Matches & Demos

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