Semi-Final Analysis – Brutality vs Neckbreak

Head To Head Results:

2-1 to Brutality
16-8 Brutality on de_inferno
19-16 Neckbreak on de_cache
16-13 Brutality on de_inferno

Map Veto Analysis

There is no lack of bad blood between these two teams. They have played with and against each other for many years now and know each others strengths and weaknesses inside out. This means that both are aware of each others map pools. Even though Neckbreak (Elunes) back in GGNetwork 1 lost twice on inferno; the fact that both teams are very confident in their respective abilities on Inferno, Inferno will be a pick for sure. Neckbreak is a different lineup now with a different IGL and this might just be the necessary change they needed to surprise Brutality on Inferno. Neckbreak is also one of the few teams in India that is very good on de_cache and unless Brutality ban this map its also a likely pick; and Brutality is unlikely to ban this map since they are practicing it for ESEA. Both teams will likely ban both de_cbble and de_overpass and stick to the original core maps.


Players to Watch

ASTARR is one of the most established pros in the indian scene with a large fan following. This is not a coincidence, he has a tendency to bring out the big guns and hard carries when it matters most. Hes a unique mix of a great entry fragger, clutcher and retake artist. This means that no matter what part of the round you are in, he is a threat. He has consistently been one of Brutality’s best performers. When he performs well, his teammates start working like a well-oiled machine and start racking up kills as well. Playing around his explosive, aggressive playstyle is Brutality’s key to success.

sMx is no stranger to Brutality he was with the team for all of last season until the playoffs. He has shown time and again that his reflexes when he is on point are scary to handle, especially on the counter-terrorist side. He is passive, relies on good crossfires and amazing spray control. This makes him the type of player that is capable of locking down a site on his own which allows for Neckbreak to focus the rest of the teammates to the other side. Think of him like an Indian KrimZ. If he brings his CT side play and Neckbreak start on CT side expect them to have a very lopsided first half scores on maps like Inferno and Mirage.

Playstyle Analysis

Brutality used to have a very aggressive rushy playstyle, typically fast 4-1 rushes and 3-2 splits (all executes happening before the 45 second mark). Recently they have been experimenting with different in-game leaders which brings different styles to the table. If ASTARR is calling expect him to work solo and place his teammates in positions to capitalize one he entries or fakes. If another player is calling then they are highly unpredictable. I have rarely seen Brutality work on really coordinated dry-runned executes outside of the typical Mirage A take or the Inferno B Molotov take. If they have added dry runned fakes and executes onto their arsenal then Neckbreak is in for a rude awakening.

Pros: Fast rushes can catch enemy off guard, firepower based, strong on anti-ecos because don’t split up, could be very unpredictable due to changing of IGL’s.

Cons: ASTARR calling can be predictable, good use of grenades can limit their fast playstyle, money management can be poor due to lots of half buy rush tactics.

Neckbreak recently departed ways with IBRA, their long term IGL of many years. This would have left a hole that they have probably not filled exactly, still trying to figure out what kind of leader and what kind of playstyle they need. This sounds like a disadvantage but the fact is that Neckbreak was always firepower first and a strategy second kind of team and that without a proper IGL they might end up playing a very random, puggish playstyle. If Brutality has switched to a more coordinated playstyle then the randomness that Neckbreak wins will surprise them many times. The problems with random, puggish playstyle is lack of organization and map control which means Brutality can do coordinated pushes on CT gun rounds to punish them or also smart eco strategies.

Pros: Random Pug Playstyle, comfortable in chaos, solid on CT side due to chemistry, unpredictable

Cons: Lack of organization, CT aggressiveness can punish them, might lose to some eco rushes, T side if not working based on firepower can mean running out of ideas.


Brutality are favraites in this matchup, not as overwhelming as Elunes vs TMG but still favraites. This is because they have had a stable lineup and are the most active team in the scene right now due to their participating in ESEA. It all depends on what kind of Neckbreak shows up, if Neckbreak can grind out more than three T rounds on each map then there is a genuine chance of them winning or having a solidly close game (possibly overtime). I predict that this game will be a game of upsets because both teams will lose on their home map and it will go down to the random third map to decide who goes through. I predict Brutality to be surprised by Neckbreak’s CT setup on inferno and lose a close match and I predict Neckbreak to get wrecked on cache because Brutality is practicing the map a lot.

Brutality 2 – 1 Neckbreak (12-16, 16-5, 16-13)

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