Semi-Final Analysis – Elunes vs Trademarc Gaming

Head To Head Results:

2-0 to Elunes

16-12 Elunes on de_inferno

16-10 Elunes on de_dust2

Map Veto Analysis

Elunes has a much well rounded map pool at their disposal. They have been a highly active team who consistently participate in LAN and Online tournaments and often go deep if not win; which has allowed them to be fairly solid across most maps. Similar to most of the top Indian teams, their goto maps are also Inferno and Mirage. TMG has the firepower to cause an upset on certain maps but because of their tendency to go between activity and inactivity cycles their map pool is much smaller. It would be wise for TMG to ban mirage as going against established awpers like Zilk and Snorlax on Mirage could spell trouble for them. Similarly, one of the maps that Elunes does not particularly favor is de_cache, they often veto this map and look for them to do the same again. TMG’s best bet to take a map would be on de_dust2 as its the most rifle firepower dependant map. Elunes will most likely pick Inferno because it plays to their strength as an overly-aggressive CT sided team.


Players to Watch

Zilkenberg and Machine Gun both have a tendency to drop bombs. If both of them are firing then Elunes tends to become practically unstoppable. Zilkenberg has been with the lineup longer and is more versatile in his ability to both AWP and Rifle consistently well. He has also previously shown that he can frag hard vs TMG (especially since TMG lacks in the AWP department). Look for Zilkenberg to have a very good CT side of inferno as he usually does and if he is on fire he could even do damage on banana control on the T side.

TMG has to rely on their rifle firepower and their T side entry ability to compete with Elunes. In particular, if young gun Marzil is on hot form he can be argued to be one of the sharpest up and coming riflers in the Indian scene and on a good day he is hard to stop. He is in particular a very dangerous AK player and if allowed to roam freely on the T side he can drop bombs. Aks is a veteran of the source scene and has experience playing in the states and on a good day he can use his gamesense to win some vital retakes and clutches. If its a back and forth type of game then one of Aks’s clutches can turn the tide in favour of TMG.

Playstyle Analysis

Elunes on T side plays one of two ways, primarily they go for a pick based default that relies on their awpers to open up key chokepoints (for e.g. mid and banana on inferno) and then group up and execute fakes and double fakes, often hitting sites fairly late if the CTs utilize their smokes to buy time well. Their alternate playstyle is to play heavy rush tactics (4-1’s) with one lurker. On the counter-terrorist side, they peek a lot and try to get early picks using their awps, they also play aggressively and push to get map control.

Pros: Timing Versatility, AWP Picks, Restricts executes from T’s, Unpredictability

Cons: No Dry Runned Executes, Very late plants, Lack of firepower can result in giving up CT rounds, poor at post plant on T side.

TMG plays a default on their T side most of the time, they typically try to get map control via capturing certain areas of the maps and then group up and go for an execute, if they get a pick they tend to rush and hit a site quickly. Alternatively, they are dangerous on eco rounds using rush tactics with Adi serving as a lurker. They get lots of plants but are awful in post plant scenarios due to over-peeking or lack of crossfires and communications. On the CT side they are best when playing passive and going for retakes, provided they don’t get picked early by AWPS. They are strong on retakes, when they try to play aggressive it’s hit or miss.

Pros: Organized, If hitting shots default can counter aggro ct play, consistent playstyle.

Cons: Lack of fakes means easy to read, not enough pace change also means easy to read, too dependant on clutches and retakes for round wins i.e. not enough clean round wins, poor money management.


Elunes are the heavy favraites in this matchup due to their previous wins at GGNETWORK#2 as well as their experience in high pressure matchups. Its important to note that both those previous games were not blowouts and if a pistol round or an eco round went towards the way of TMG it could have been much closer. Even so, Elunes has shown time and again when the going gets tough they tend to come out on top, this was shown when they fought from the lower bracket and won multiple overtime matches against Brutality. TMG has the potential to push Elunes to a very close game even potentially an overtime game but I just dont see Elunes losing in overtime.

Elunes 2 – 0 TMG (16-10 and 19-17)

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