What is Karma?

Definition – [noun] – the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

As in life, the counter-strike experience is filled with all sorts of people and experiences – some good and some bad. Our support pages have been inundated with multiple reports of griefers, toxicity, sexism, racism, etc.

It becomes almost an impossible task to look into all these reports individually despite our best efforts, and as such we have decided to introduce the Karma system which enables the SoStronk community to self police itself.

How it works

Each user can at the end game screen on the app can give up to four +1s or -1’s to his teammates in that match. This is akin to rewarding a good teammate and punishing a bad teammate based on their behaviour in the match (being toxic/griefing/abusive).

  • Karma can only be given at the end of a PUG on the app
  • A person cannot give +1 or -1 Karma if a user is that person’s friend on SoStronk or lobby/party teammate.
  • Karma ratings CANNOT be given to Opponents.
  • A lobby of 3 or more cannot give any Karma (but they can receive Karma from others). Karma can only be given by solos or duos to their teammates. This is to prevent Karma bullying by 3+ man lobbies.
  • A user can only modify the karma of a teammate by +1 or -1 per game

Passive Karma

Each user gets a passive +1 Karma at the end of the game.

Conditions of receiving the passive karma

  • No Negative Karma received for that game
  • Match was completed start to end (Abandoned games not counted)
  • Karma is received even if no one votes a +1 for you
  • If you get only positive karma, the Passive +1 stacks

Karma Tiers

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According to what Karma Tier you are at, you get certain perks or punishments.

Perks for positive karma .

  • He’s alright – Tier 0
    No perks nor consequences. Most users are expected to be here. This is the SoStronk experience.
  • Mostly Harmless – Tier 1
    Users can now report griefers.
  • Nice Guy – Tier 2
    Can .report griefers and gets the ability to apply two karma on one teammate.
  • Paragon of Virtue – Tier 3
    Max cooldown level is level 2 (1 hr) & he can call .kick vote.

Consequences for negative karma

  • Troll – Tier -1
    Cannot give karma to anyone.
  • Toxic Ogre – Tier -2
    Loses ability to play in a party/lobby. Can only solo-queue. Never gets selected as captain during map veto.
  • Satan Himself – Tier -3
    All of the above + a 3 day griefing ban. End of the ban his karma is reset to beginning of Tier -1 i.e. Troll.

We will obviously be keeping an eye on how it affects player behaviour and will tweak it further based on the data we receive in order to improve it and ensure griefing and toxicity is heavily nullified in the SoStronk experience. GLHF!

Update [7th Oct 2019]

We have pushed out few changes to how karma as shown below. We have also reset everyone’s karma to Tier 0

  • Passive karma is awarded only until Tier1
  • Only Tier 1 and above users can report for Griefing which results in the -1 Karma to the reported user. There are however limits on reports as follows
    • Tier 1: 1 Report per game
    • Tier 2: 3 Reports per game
    • Tier 3: 5 Reports per game
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