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User Instructions

  • After creating account on SoStronk.com make sure you connect your Steam ID to your SoStronk account using the [Connect Steam ID] button (Graphic)
  • Download and install the SoStronk Desktop Application on your gaming machine.
  • Make sure the SoStronk Desktop Application is updated to the latest version (Settings -> Check for updates)

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Captain Instructions

  • Captains of each team need to create their own team and add team logo to the site.
  • Invite all your teammates to the team. Including any substitutes
  • Make sure your team is complete – lineup, logo, all have connected steam ID, all have downloaded and installed SoStronk App.

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Tournament Instructions

  • On the day of the tournament be ready on the GGnetworks TeamSpeak to communicate with the match admins.
  • They will instruct you on which of the three SoStronk game servers to join and who you will be playing against.
  • At the designated match time make sure you get your full team into the server and ready up. Also make sure that all your teammates have the SoStronk desktop application running and all have their steam ID connected.
  • There is a buffer time of 15 minutes since the start time of the match to get both teams ready and in the server.
  • After 15 minutes if one team is not in the server the other team has the option to request for a FFW.
  • If both teams are unable to field complete lineups then after 30 minutes the match will either be rescheduled or both teams will be disqualified (up to match admin)

As always you can use the feedback form to get in touch with us or post in the forums for any questions. You can also get in touch with us from our social media outlets (Facebook & Twitter.) We will answer your questions as quick as possible.

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