Update (1 July 2017)

The updated IR site is at http://www.sostronk.com/ir

The below information is mostly outdated, but left here for posterity.

Outdated information below

It’s been teased for a while now, and the wait is finally over!

SoStronk is proud to unveil the first iteration of our very own performance rating system called Impact Rating. Read on to understand more about this unique rating/ranking system from the freak geniuses in SoStronk!

Why do we need an Impact Rating?

In MatchMaking you have ranks, in other platforms like ESEA and FaceIT you have RWS and ELO points, which help gives you a scale to judge your performances. We at SoStronk decided that these rating don’t really give a good representation of how you actually perform in a game and what your real impact is in the game you played.

For example, you might have the bad luck of having a horrible team and you lose the game 16-4 in spite of a hard carry from you dropping 35 frags. In these other systems, your ranking/RWS/ELO won’t really place an emphasis on your performance and rather places importance on whether you won or lost the game irrespective of how well you played.

Hence, we decided to not copy any of these systems and rather come up with our own system which rewards the performance of you, the player rather than just depending on your win or losses.

What’s it going to be used for?

The SoStronk Impact Rating will be an indicator of your skill level and one of the main criteria we will be using in our eventual matchmaking lobby system to sort players based according to their Impact Rating.

There will also be the monthly Impact Rating leaderboards where the players with the best Impact Ratings stand eligible for some exciting giveaways and prizes. Your Impact Rating or IR is your rank in the SoStronk system, and is one of the most important aspect of playing on SoStronk as many of our future features and competitions will be based on the Impact Rating.

So what is an Impact Rating?

Impact Rating or IR as we like to call it, is a point system which is automatically calculated by our system based on the impact you have in the game. Your impact on the game is calculated based on the TYPE of kills and the situation you get your kills in.

Your Impact Rating will be shown per match on the match page and also your cumulative average Impact Rating will be on your profile for all to see.

So how do you break up your Impact Rating?

As stated above, your IR is the accumulation of the type of kills you get in various scenarios. A kill is given a base value of “1”. Depending on the type of kill and the scenario you get it in, the value of your kill can be more than 1 or less than 1. This is broken down below:


These points are accumulated for all the kills you get in a match and the total is then divided by the TOTAL number of rounds played in that particular game. The final number obtained is multiplied by a factor of 10 and you have your Impact Rating for that match. The Impact Rating you see on your profile is the average of your Impact Rating across all PUGs you play.

Important points to note

  • If you leave a game in between, your IR will still be calculated for ALL the rounds played in that match and hence will adversely affect your Impact Rating.
  • However, if you join a game which needs a ringer/player, and you stay till the game ends, your IR will be calculated only for the rounds you played not for all the rounds in the match.
  • This is definitely NOT the final iteration of the Impact Rating. We will be testing it out and of course be open to feedback on how to improve this system. For now, Go Forth and BeStronk!
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