Grandfathering is finally live along with the new subscription rates. As we’d announced a couple of weeks back, whoever has subscribed or was an existing subscriber as the 8th of August came rolling by, will be able to subscribe for a year with the old subscription rates.

The new rates can be found here or you can check it out on our Subscription Page. Remember, if you are an existing subscriber, the old rates will be active for a year! (as long as you keep renewing before your original subscription expires)

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Scrim and Practice are out of BETA

We’re also excited to announce that our Scrim features & Practice servers are now out of BETA and live and fully functional. Over the next few months we will be adding new features and tweaks to make them even better.

We want to thank you for helping us test it during the BETA phase. Now get into them servers and start playing!

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