Another day; another new feature from our dev team, who are rumored to have caffeine flowing through their veins instead of blood. We’re proud to announce the Friend’s feature in the SoStronk app.

On your SoStronk app you can see the friends button on the lower right corner; it’s hard to miss.

Right now the features include basic functionalities like:

  • You can add SoStronk friends using their alias (It’s case sensitive, so copy paste for now)
  • You can chat with your friends, share links etc.

Very soon, more features will be rolled out like:

  • Search for friends to add using alias, name etc
  • Block users
  • Message status – sending, sent, read
  • Offline messages
  • Friend groups (Teammates, Buddies, etc)
  • Joining the game server your friend is in
  • Setting status – Away, Offline, Looking for PUG/Scrim
  • Ability to challenge friends to a Scrim
  • Notification settings, and so many more!

Eventually, the friends feature will become a tool to help you to play with your friends and make your experience in SoStronk much better, while being a tool to help foster the growth of the SoStronk community.

As this is a big new feature, it would be a big help for our devs if you report any bugs you find at

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