FRAG N’ WIN!!! We’re giving away a brand new AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge (Factory New) to the player with the highest number of Kill Points in PUGs!

Basically we are awarding points based on the number of frags per round. It is an exponential calculation based on the difficulty of the frags. A single kill and a double kill would have not much of a difference in points but an ACE would have be awarded much higher points due to how difficult it is to get one.

The competition starts at 10 pm Friday (16 Oct 2015) and ends at 4 am Monday (19 Oct 2015). The player with the highest number of points by the deadline wins!

You can keep track of the leaderboard and your score on your SoStronk User Profile Page by clicking on the Frag N’ Win tab. What are you waiting for?! Lock and load!

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