After the carnage over the weekend, the dust has finally settled and we have our winner!

Eklovya ‘ThunDerBoy’ Dutta came out on top after an intense race, and he wins himself an AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge Factory New. Honorary mention goes to Agneya ‘Marzil’ Kaushik who was leading most of the time, but fell short at the very end.

Many people asked how the scores were calculated, and so we’re going to briefly explain what we did. We gave exponential weights to the level of difficulty of kills per round. So while you may get many single and double kills, someone with an ACE would get more points than multiple single or double kills.

But then, some of you decided to yolo rush to get as many kills as you could or started baiting your teammates a lot. Foreseeing this, we added another factor into the calculation, which was to not award any points if you lost a round; and also to give more weights to opening kills.

This is a small precursor to our SSTK Ratings which is in the works and is coming out very soon and we got more competitions in the pipeline! Stay Stronk!

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