SoStronk will be pulling out of the fpsGOD league and as such will be discontinuing our casting and platform services for the aforementioned league with immediate effect.

This comes on the heels of SoStronk, in conjunction with HLTV, finding evidence that the team 5cent who have been playing this league have been playing under a false flag and possibly smurf accounts.

5cent were playing in the league as a Filipino team and were directly invited by the organizer of fpsGOD to the league. However, after our investigation it was found that the team is not from the Philippines but from Vietnam.

Further damning was the fact that this team were invited by the organizer’s ‘partners’ while knowing that they were a Vietnamese team and not informing neither SoStronk nor HLTV that this was the case.

Considering the organizers have been very evasive and ambiguous and has NOT been transparent with SoStronk, HLTV, the participants and the viewers who tune in to watch these games, we have strong suspicions that there is some foul play going on. That does not sit well with us at SoStronk and we have decided to discontinue our services towards fpsgod.

Integrity is important in any industry. And especially in this fledgling, young industry of ours, integrity becomes even more paramount as we look to the future. Going forward, SoStronk will ensure that every event held on our platform is vetted thoroughly to prevent similar incidents from arising in the future.

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