Countless months. Devs de-ranking to silvers in Matchmaking. Carpal Tunnel syndrome treatments for the staff and it is finally here. Deranking in game to rank up where it actually matters – SoStronk Levels Up in a massive way!

Today we announce the 1 Month Beta period for Scrim 2.0 & PUG. This means that SCRIMS are open to all users (yes, free users as well). During this beta period SoStronk will be relying on you (large sample size) to help stress test, stabilize and fix bugs on the system. During this time ALL our users will be able to create and play UNLIMITED scrims.

Release Notes

Scrim Listings [Beta]

  • Schedule scrims with other teams
  • Support for Mix Scrims
  • Schedule Scrims up to 72 hours (3 days) in advance
  • Lobby Links for immediate invites
  • Coach Slots

Scrim Now [Beta]

  • Support for Mix Scrims
  • Support for 10 Mans
  • Lobby Links for Instant invites
  • Coach slots

App 2.1.0

  • Brand new UI
  • Responsive Animated UI across the app
  • Updated Icons and improved User Experience
  • Personalized home screen

Ranked PUGs [Beta]

  • Matchmaking Ranks are live! You need to play 3 placement PUGs for your rank reveal
  • Ranking based on Glicko-2 system which takes performance into account along with Win/Loss
  • PUG Lobby Links for instant invites

Home Page

  • Overhaul of Home Page
  • Personalized to the user state
  • First of many pages in the overhaul of

Enough of the text. Fire up the app and get Scrimming & PUGing! Go earn them ranks. And always feel free to leave us feedback and suggestions on We’re always listening.

We will also be rewarding the first PUGMaster on the system with a unique badge!

Go forth. Be Stronk.

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