What is it for?

You guys saw our teaser video that happened in the real live situation between Neckbreak and Elunes. Yes peeps; we are talking about the match restore functionality a.k.a The Hand Of God (In this case being any of our admins).

Youtube Teaser – Guess this feature

The purpose of this feature is to have the capacity to run matches and tournaments smoothly even in the face of special circumstances such as a DDoS attack, server crash or full team disconnects.

How does it work?

An admin that is in the spectators notes down which round the problem occurs in and types .pause to pause the round in the freezetime of the next round. Once all ten players are back in the server and ready the admin types

!restore -roundnumber for e.g. !restore -1 to restore to the previous round.

The match is restored to the previous round with the exact moneyz on all the players with identical spawn points as well. Its a round snapshot from the game that we are reloading. Voila! Time travel!

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