Early next week! Right after the King Of The Hill #3. Keep a lookout guys.

What’s it about?

Gated Pug basically means that anyone can play on SoStronk servers without needing an account on SoStronk or the app downloaded! This feature is to cater to all the casual players who are interested in getting into the competitive scene and start climbing the ladder from the very beginning.

How does it work?

Its simple. Join any SoStronk server thats listed on your steam browser and play. You are allowed 72 hours on your guest account and after that you can claim your account by logging in via steam on the SoStronk site. If you want advanced statistics and features to play SCRIMS and play in our TOURNAMENTS you want to claim your account!


  • 72 Hour Guest Access
  • Claim your account for more SoStronk features
  • Access only to the PUG feature

Now you can invite your friends directly to a SoStronk server with just an IP without them needing an account or the app. Go crazy with your guest accounts!

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