What’s it for?

This is going to be a period of new features here at SoStronk. We are proud to announce our new feature in PRACTICE MODE that allows teams to be even more advanced and specific with their dry runs. We realised and listened to the gamers feedback with regards to the infinite warmup in practice mode and have acted upon it. Introducing the .round feature!

How does it work?

The creator/temp captain of the practice server can type .round/.roundgun/.roundeco to restart the round and set money to dry run a particular strategy! This command allows for one full competitive round out of warmup before resetting back to the infinite warmup practice mode.

Command List

  • .round – Sets money to 16k; restarts to play one round
  • .round guns – Sets money to 7k; restarts to play one round with full gun purchases
  • .round eco – Sets money to 3k; restarts to play one round with eco buy (tec-9, molotovs etc)
  • .round pistol – Sets money to 800; restarts to play a pistol round

So if you are one of them peeps who be hanging always on our practice servers; get these commands binded and have a blast figuring out, fine tuning and dry running your strategies.

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