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Its quite simple:

How do I connect my steam account to my SoStronk ID?

You have to connect your steam to your SoStronk ID to be able to play on the system.There are TWO ways to connect your steam account to your SoStronk ID.

Simply go to and login. After logging in you click on your Alias and click edit profile. After that simply click the “Connect with Steam” button and follow the steps to connect your ID.

The other way is to do it via the desktop application. After logging into the desktop application click on Settings. If your account is not connected with steam then the button listed ‘Connect with Steam’ will be displayed in the bottom left otherwise it should show your steamID.

How do I make sure my SoStronk application is up to date?

After downloading, installing and logging into the client. Click on the settings button at the bottom left corner and click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button. If the application is not up to date it will automatically download and patch to the latest version.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

At the SoStronk login page simply click on the forgot password link. Enter your email address or alias. You will get a reset password link sent to your registered email address. Follow the instructions in the email and reset your password.

Can I connect multiple steamID’s to my account? Why not?

You can only connect one steamID to one account. There is a limit on the number of times you can change your steamID every month. This is a precaution to stop teams from smurfing players (using players outside their team in official matches)


How do I play a match on SoStronk servers?

The admins will create a server automatically at your designated match time between your team and the team you are facing. You simply use the SoStronk Applicaiton server browser and join the server. In the server browser you should see your match details (Your Team vs Team B) and the map. After joining the game make sure you and all your teammates ready up. Once all ten players are readied up the match will go live.

Where are the SoStronk servers located?

The SoStronk servers are currently hosted in NetMagic data centers in Bangalore and Mumbai. We are expanding into South East Asia soon.

How do I start a PUG on SoStronk?

When the server wizard is enabled simply click on the create server button in the SoStronk desktop application and select PUG. Choose the map you want to play and click Launch. The server will be up within a few seconds and then you can join and ready up. Once ten players are in the server and readied up the PUG will start.

How do I start a SCRIM on SoStronk?

When the server wizard is enabled simply click on the create server button in the SoStronk desktop application and select SCRIM. Select the map and click next. Click Launch. Server will be up within a few seconds. Get all your five teammates in the server and ready up. At this point the server will be open for opposing teams to join. Your server creator/admin can then choose to accept/reject the team you want to play against. Once all ten players are readied up match will go live.

Do you guys rent game servers?

No. We are not a game server rental company. We are an e-sport tournament organizer. In the near future we will make available reserved team servers (clan servers) for teams. It is in the works. However, we will not be providing any public, surf or in general casual servers. All our servers are e-sports orientated.

What is practice mode?

Practice mode is a type of server where you alone or you and a couple of your teammates can go and test strategies and grenade tactics out. Need to practice a specific smoke on T side of mirage? Open up our practice server and do it. Our practice server has infinite money, respawn, noclip, showimpact options. So you can test everything from timings, grenades, full strats as well as spam spots.


How do I create a team on SoStronk?

After logging into the SoStronk website. Click on your user alias at the top right corner. If you are already part of a team the drop down will show ‘View Team’ otherwise it will give you an option to create a team. Fill up the appropriate information in the create team page and your team will be created. After creating team use the invite teammates feature to invite four teammates to complete your team.

How many teams can I create on SoStronk?

Currently, a player can only be part of one team. In the very near future you can be part of up to four teams and there will be a difference between your official match team and scrim teams (fun teams).

I accidentally created the wrong team, how do I delete the team?

If you are the captain of the team you can simply go to your team page. User Alias > View Team and click on the delete team option. If you are not the captain you need to ask your captain to delete the team.

How do I invite teammates to my team?

If you are the captain of the team you can use the ‘Invite Players’ button. Give the generated link to your teammates and once they click on it they will be part of your team.

Can I re-assign my captain role to teammates?

Yes. You can go to your team page and click edit team then assign the captain role to someone else. This only works if you are the current captain.

Can I have separate scrim and match teams?

Not currently. In the very near future you will. You can be part of multiple scrim teams and one match team.

How many roster slots are available per team?

Currently, one team only can have five members. No substitutes. Very shortly there will be room for up to eight members, including the manager and two substitutes. We will also be enforcing transfer periods and roster lock downs.


Can I play with friends in PUGS?

Yes and No. You can ask your friends to join your PUG that you have created using our server wizard in the SoStronk desktop application. Currently the PUG only has one sorting mode, random sorting so its not guaranteed that your friend will be in the same team as yours. In the near future we will have captain based sorting as well as a .tag command which will allow two of you to always be in the same team.

How do I edit my user profile?

After logging in, simply click on your alias on the top right and click edit profile. Here you can change your user display picture, your steam ID, name and Alias.

Where do I see my statistics?

The statistics are displayed in two places on the website. Your career statistics will be displayed in your team page. Your individual match statistics will be showed on the individual match page.

Are there going to be more statistics?

YES! We are planning on having really in-depth statistics for CS:GO. Look at this blog for more information. We are going to be ramping up our development on statistics over the next month.

How do I change my username and email address?

After logging in, simply click on your alias on the top right and click edit profile. Here you can change your username and email address.

The Client


A weird interplay happens when a external program like the SoStronk app launches CS:GO and attempts to connect the game to the server. This has caused a small percentage of gamers to report FPS drops during gameplay. Therefore, we have implemented a workaround which requires gamers to copy and paste th connect string (which the app will conveniently place in your clipboard) and connect directly using the console. See this detailed blog post to get a more detailed idea about the FPS issue.


Server crashed and I received this message Something went wrong and the admins have been informed about this. Email for support.

This error message is technical networking problem on our backend. We are working to minimize this error as much as possible. Unfortunately, as of this time this is an error where the match cannot be restarted from.

I can’t join the server. I am getting the following error message “Waiting for your team to be approved.”

This message is given because the team that created the scrim server has not accepted your team as opponents to play against. Once they have made the selection you can join.

What does this message mean? “You cannot ready up until your team is approved.”

This message is given because you are in the scrim server of the opposing scrim team but have not been accepted by them yet. Once you are accepted you can ready up and your teammates can join and ready up as well.

I can’t join the server. I keep getting kicked with this message. “Your team does not belong to this scrim. Start your own team at SoStronk.”

This is because another team has already been accepted by the home team (the scrim creation team) and they are waiting for all ten members to join. Once they are all in then their match will go live.

I can’t join the server. I keep getting kicked with this message. “Your team was rejected. Start your own scrim at SoStronk.”

You were probably too pro fro the other team. They didn’t want to scrim against you. They choose to reject your team. Try another scrim server.

Why can’t I join the server? This error message is shown. “You must have created this Scrim server to be the first one to join. Create your own at SoStronk.”

Your computer is way faster than the guy who created the server. He has a snail PC. You have to wait for him and his teammates to join and ready up in the scrim server before you join. The server status should be set to “Waiting for opponents” in the server browser of the desktop application.

Why can’t I join the server? This error message is shown. “You must be member of a team to scrim on this server. Make your own team at SoStronk.”

You are not part of any team on You should try joining a PUG server instead. If you want to scrim you need a team, you can create a team in the website via your user alias button.

Why can’t I join the server? This error message is shown. “You can’t join this scrim until the team X has readied up.”

This error message means that the home team (scrim creation team) has not all joined and readied up. Only once all five players of that team are in the server and readied up is the server open for opponents to join.

Why did I get kicked? This error message is shown. “Sorry you did not ready up. Reconnect or start your own game at SoStronk.”

No one likes their time being wasted. Don’t be that 10/10 player on match making that waits till the last minute to ready up. This is why has a timer to autokick people who dont ready up. Type .r in your say chat to ready up. This way you won’t be kicked.

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