So you have successfully registered your self on SoStronk and are now looking to participate in a tournament or just play some scrims. For that we need to create a team. Follow the steps below to create your own team.

Click on your username on the top right of the screen and in the drop down menu select “Create team”

enter a alt img name 001.png

enter a alt img name 002.png

Enter your team details

  1. Alias : This will be your team short form that will reflect across the servers [In-game team title]. Your team page url will also contain the Alias.
  2. Name : Your actual team name in full
  3. Description : Some useful information about your team.
  4. Country : Choose what country you represent. If you don’t select it, your country will be selected automatically based on the country of the team members.
  5. Logo. : Upload your team logo. Simply upload an appropriate photo which should not have any obscene/racist/disturbing content. You can even upload logos with transparent backgrounds in png format.

    Click on the ‘+’ icon to and then on the ‘UPLOAD’ button to upload and image

enter a alt img name 003.png

enter a alt img name 004.png

Dont forget to his ‘DONE’ After uploading and editing your logo
enter a alt img name 005.png

Hit ‘Create’ and you should be re-directed to your team page.
Congratulations! This is now your team page complete with your own Team page url.

[Captains Only]

Clicking on the settings button will reveal three buttons.
you can edit, delete or invite new players to the team

Click on ‘Invite’ to get the invitation link

enter a alt img name 006.png

This will show you three other options. Click the Invite button in the center:

enter a alt img name 007.png

Click on invite will give you this invitation code. Simply ask your friends to click on it AFTER registering themselves on SoStronk.

Please note that a player who is already part of another team will have to leave that team first to join a new team.

enter a alt img name 008.png

Here is an example of TEAM NXL from Indonesia to show you what a complete roster looks like.

enter a alt img name 010.PNG

Note: SoStronk allows upto 8 players in a single team roster. You can assign roles to the team members. Coaches and Managers can edit the team page along with the Captain. Any five members can enter a official tournament match server/pug/scrim on SoStronk for that team. Please check with your tournament organizer if they allow more than five members in the roster.

*Rosters can be locked when a tournament starts, so please ensure you have all your members registered on the team before the tournament.**

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