The voices of the masses have been heard and we are happy to announce the implementation of Cooldown in our PUG servers. This is an essential feature which is aimed at making sure our dedicated users are no longer plagued by rage quitters and leavers. The Cooldown duration is currently only for 30 minutes, however we will be implementing stacked Cooldown akin to MatchMaking very soon as well.

If you disconnect while the match is live, a timer starts and you have 3 minutes to join back into the the game. During these 3 mins no other person can join the PUG and your slot is reserved. However, if you don’t rejoin , a Cooldown is created for 30 minutes and you’ll not be able to join any other PUGs till your Cooldown counter resets to Zero. The amount of Cooldown you have will be shown on the app itself.

We do not remove PUG Cooldowns, so please do not send supports mails to remove your Cooldown or to complain about it.

Also, a small hint at our next update coming very soon: .kick feature limitation.

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