We do not need to explain why we make the decisions we do but I’ll still chime in for a little bit. Just keep in mind that our vision and ambition in SoStronk is much larger than petty ‘politics’ and ‘family bidness’ within Indian eSports. So far what we have done has been to help the scene and going forward we are doing the same

First Point: Tournament Formats

20 Slot tournament does not make any sense. Look at any tournament on any eSport and tell me how a double elim, single elim, group stage + knockout or GSL or any other format would work with 20 teams (Increments of 8 – common sense to anyone who has played in many tournaments)

Second Point: Protectionism vs Globalization

International invites is good for the scene, protectionism which is what we have done in the early parts of SoStronk has limited growth. Its highly important to slowly open up the boundaries and bring in the middle east and SEA for better experience, exposure and competition; introduction to different playstyles and the such. Why else do so many ‘top’ indian teams go and bring in players from abroad it’s because these players bring in new playstyles and experiences along with them. Similarly, SoStronk intends to invite teams from middle east and south east Asia to increase the competitiveness and exposure within the scene. Its economics, gents; protectionism alone in a ‘closed economy’ only provides growth to a limited level.

Third Point: Long Term vs Short Term thinking

Do you guys actually think we are simply happy and content with stopping at just the Challenger and the KOTH as our two tournaments? If you guys think that’s all we want to do then I urge you to come down to our HQ and talk with me and I’ll give you a lesson in eSports one on one and what SoStronks vision and ambition is. Trust me; after you are done with my lecture each of you will have a better grasp on exactly what we are trying to do here and will have no more questions or queries with regards to why we make the decisions we do. TLDR; We are going to be introducing new tournaments, new divisions and even leagues in the near future and the prize pools are only going to get higher.

Fourth Point: The scene in its current state

We are far more accommodating than most tournament organizers of an international standard; we listen to the so called ‘top teams’ and try to accommodate them with regards to scheduling, even registrations and warmup times. This is because we realize that in its current state the Indian scene has issues such as power cuts, poor internet infrastructure and lack of professionalism at the top. Not a single team from India would last more than a month with the stringent non-accommodating, lack of transparent rules of international leagues; I can guarantee you that because I have participated in them for years.


Only mistake we made is to not announce the invite process beforehand but it was a WIP and it was a test from our side to see exactly who and which region is interested in participating. Going forward; if invites are happening they will be announced. The question everyone needs to ask before mud-slinging is what is the goal behind Challenger and KOTH Series? Whats the long term purpose of this series? Whats the long-term purpose of SoStronk with regards to Indian eSports? When you can logically deduce those answers there should be no reason to mudsling and if you can’t hit me up and I’ll (Aequitas) gladly educate you.

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