Welcome to episode #2 of the Challenger series. This is an 8/16 team first come first serve tournament, where the top four teams will get to compete in the next King Of The Hill (KOTH #3) and challenge the current King, Team Elunes. This tournament is open to everyone, as long as everyone follows the tournament rules before registering. The prize money for this episode is Rs 25000- (First place Rs 15000/-, Second place Rs 10000/-)


We are considering adding 8 more slots (due to popular demand). However, we will only be expanding to 16 if we get 8 more registrations. So either 8 or 16. No inbetweens.

Tournament Details

Rules and Schedule


Registration will be done via the tournament page here:


Teams must meet the following requirements before registering:

  • Have all 5 members registered on SoStronk.com
  • Have a team created on SoStronk.com with all 5 members in the team
  • Have a team logo uploaded onto the team page
  • Have all players upload a palatable profile picture
  • Have all players connect their SteamID to SoStronk Alias

Registration ends at Friday 9 PM (12/06/2015). Make sure your team is registered with all the above requirements before then.

Tournament Timings & Schedule




All teams are expected to be available from 12 PM to 8 PM on Saturday and the finalists (top 4) are expected to be there on Sunday from 2pm onwards.

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