Winners & Runners up

  • WINNERS: Brutality wins 15,000 INR
  • RUNNERS-UP: Trade-Marc Gamers wins 10,000 INR

Match Highlights

The first challenger series has almost come to an end and the early tournament favorites [BRUTALITY] have proven that they aptly deserved that tag by beating tMg in a hard fought 2-0 win in the grand finals. The first map was fairly straightforward for Brutality as they won the CT side in convincing fashion with a 12-3 scoreline. tMg attempted to make a comeback but fell short after some really good play by aStarr and Petrichor resulting in a 16-9 win on the first map. The second map was one of the best matches of the tournament with tMg having one of the best T sides on overpass we have seen yet from an indian team (10-5). It seemed like we would be going to a third map when tMg picked up a few CT rounds to make the score 14-10 but Brutality had another plans and made another impressive comeback to push the game into overtime. They won fairly comfortably in overtime and ended the game 19-17

Statistics & Demos

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