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Grandfathering Announcement

action_label: Subscribe now! action_url: Grandfathering [Definition] : A grandfather clause (or grandfathering) is a provision in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations while a new rule will apply to all future cases. When we rolled out our Subscription feature almost a year back, we were overwhelmed with the support we got from our community. Whether it was to take advantage of our unlimited scrim features, to get reserved slots in our DeathMatches or to get SoStronk point multipliers, many of you subscribed and have remained subscribers since. What are SoStronk’s plans As most of you are aware, since then, SoStronk has gone from strength to strength. Whether it is being the platform of choice […]

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IndiGO January CS:GO Open

User Instructions After creating account on make sure you connect your Steam ID to your SoStronk account using the [Connect Steam ID] button (Graphic) Download and install the SoStronk Desktop Application on your gaming machine. Make sure the SoStronk Desktop Application is updated to the latest version (Settings -> Check for updates) Captain Instructions Captains of each team need to create their own team and add team logo to the site. Invite all your teammates to the team. Including any substitutes Make sure your team is complete – lineup, logo, all have connected steam ID, all have downloaded and installed SoStronk App. Tournament Instructions On the day of the tournament be ready on the GGnetworks TeamSpeak to communicate with […]

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Building the future of eSports

It has been a crazy 6 months. We officially broke ground on June 21st 2014 trying to revision and implement the future of eSports. The origin seed idea was a strong one: create and provide a platform which can usher in the future of eSports. Something that gamers can be proud of. A effort which uses modern engineering techniques to […]