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Leaderboard Rating

action_label: Leaderboard Rating! action_url: New year, new leaderboard. Ever since we launched the leaderboard system for our users, we have been observing and taking notes as to what to improve and fix. After reviewing the collected data and discussing internally, we have modified the way the SoStronk leaderboards work. Going forth, your standings on the leaderboard will be determined […]

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Ban List and Ban Types

In anticipation of the launch of the first version of the SoStronk Anti Cheat, we’ve redone our Ban Types for more clarity and added a new page for reported and banned players which we fondly call the Hall of Shame. To check out the type of bans we award and how to avoid getting banned, do check out the ban […]

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Ping Limiter and Refreshed Tournaments page

Ping Limiter : With the current rise of SEA players joining the ranks of daily SoStronk puggers, we have noticed a lot of users have been playing on server sites on which their ping isn’t suitable. After listening to community feedback, we have introduced a feature that will ease some of that high-ping frustration. SoStronk subscribers will now have the […]

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neXt Captain Sorting

Captain sorting is now live for Next PUGs! Two players are randomly assigned as captains and will get to pick the players they want on their side alternately. This is the first major change in SoStronk Next and we have many more on the horizon including but not limited to map veto, side selection, etc. Want to play in Next […]

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Leaderboards 2.0 & Revised Impact Rating

We have been listening to feedback, looking at the problems in the existing leaderboard system as well as planning for the very near future. With that in mind, we are very proud to announce leaderboards 2.0. We hope to address the following problems: Leaderboard 2.0 Problem Leaderboards activity slowly diminishing as the prize distribution was very low and only to […]

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SoStronk Ranked Matchmaking

Tired of getting completely sh*t on by super try hard players who headshot you with a Mag7 before you’re able to figure out what WASD does? Tired of 16-0ing hapless noobitos and want more of a challenge? Well, your frustrations be a thing of the past! In less than 24 hours we are going live with the spanking new SoStronk […]

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Sneak Peek – Scrim Now

OK, so you got a bunch of friends and you want to play a 10 man, or a mix, or an impromptu scrim. What do? With the spanking new Scrim Now you have the answer at your fingertips! Literally your left click fingertip! HEre are the super simple steps: Step 1 Cick on the Scrim button on the SoStronk App. […]

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Sneak Peek – Scrim Listing

In less than 72 hours, SoStronk will be releasing a plethora of new features, and one feature which we are super excited about is the Scrim Listing. Ever been frustrated trying to find a scrim? Spamming FB groups with GOT5 every waking moment, with no one bothering to reply? We know how serious players and teams want to scrim, and […]

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Mission To Mars

test: 1 “The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don’t have a space program, it’ll serve us right!” ― Larry Niven, Ringworld The word ‘extinction’ does not exist in the vocabulary of the SoStronk team. Our solitary goal from day one was to go where no platform had gone […]

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SoStronk is proud to announce that we are finally out of Beta! We had a dream to create the best damn platform for CS:GO players out there and we have taken a giant step towards that goal. Through numerous ups and downs, obstacles and disappointments we are finally ready to unleash the full potential of our platform crafted with love, […]