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Fixing the ranks and matchmaking

It’s been a while since we have made any drastic tweaks to our matchmaking system since the last major update. We have introduced a new anti-cheat which is working exceptionally well at the moment, albeit few hiccups on launch. We are confident that we will sort out those issues in the coming weeks. We will reserve the stats and progress […]

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App 3.0 Release

This is a BIG update. We’ve been working on this for a while now, and while a few features are still in the oven, we’re very excited to finally unveil the latest version of our app – SoStronk App 3.0! If you don’t have the app, you can download it from Apart from just a visual overhaul and an […]

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What is Karma? Definition – [noun] – the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. As in life, the counter-strike experience is filled with all sorts of people and experiences – some good and some bad. Our support pages have been inundated with multiple reports of griefers, […]

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Subscribe With SoStronk Points

We’ve added subscriptions on our marketplace for you to buy with your SoStronk Points instead of using real life scrilla. You can just head over to our marketplace and buy whichever subscription package you want now with your hard earned points. This is just the beginning as we’re looking to add more stuff on our marketplace real soon! These are […]

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Revamped Leaderboard

SoStronk Leaderboard has been updated with some major and some minor changes to ensure that the leaderboards are something that is enjoyable for everyone – cocks to honey badgers. As before the leaderboards are still divided into three tiers: Bronze, Silver & Gold. However, with the new update, now your placement on the leaderboard division is based on your SoStronk […]

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Versus Mode!

action_label: Play Versus! action_url: sostronk://versuslobby/new Versus Mode is now live on SoStronk! You can now challenge your friends to 1v1 and 2v2 game modes in 128 tick goodness! 2v2 Versus Mode (Wingman): Invite your friends into the 2v2 lobby and play in custom versions of well known maps in fast paced 2v2 action! The rules are simple: first side to […]

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Get your Subscription at just Rs 99

Starting today, for a limited time SoStronk’s Subscription will be on sale for Rs.99/- Subscribers will get unlimited access to Leaderboards, Scrims, Demos, alias changes, Ping limiter, reserved DeathMatch and Retake slots while on this plan. Sounds exciting? Click here to explore all the benefits. This is the first step of many towards the subscription rehaul we are working on. […]

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Rush Mode & Map Veto

RUSH MODE We all know that one guy who wants to Rush B , why hate him? we are all guilty of doing it. Why rush any site ? Is it because you don’t like to waste time? or maybe complicated execute strategies aren’t for you. Heck! Maybe you just want to put the fear of god into the poor […]

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SoStronk Anti-Cheat BETA Launch : ODIN

After months of sweat, tears, endless discussions, gargantuan lines of code, and broken tables, SoStronk is proud to finally announce the beta launch of our very own custom anti-cheat, codenamed: ODIN. In Norse mythology Odin famously gave away one of his eyes in exchange for wisdom. He also has two ravens who sit on his shoulder who bring him information […]

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You’ve asked for it and we’re only happy to oblige. Retake servers are officially live on your friendly, neighbourhood Spid…er..SoStronk! Enjoy low var, low ping, no bullsh*t skin plugins retake action! What Are Retake Servers? Retake servers are servers on official CS:GO maps, where players are randomly assigned into teams and take turns either retaking or defending a bomb site […]

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Scrim Rehaul 2018

We’ve been super busy working on the anti-cheat but in the meantime have also added some cool new features and some bug fixes. Check them out below! Scrim Wizard It’s now much easier to create a scrim with the addition of Scrim Wizard. The Scrim wizard walks you through 3 steps before your listing is created.   Map Selection : […]