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Matchmaking Update 2

This is the much needed follow up to our previous blog where the ranks were reset. We have been regularly analysing our rankĀ  data over the past two months to find out areas where the system could be improved upon. Based on our findings, there were two areas that needed improvement: Lobby changes/Modifiers and Rank Ranges. Before we begin – […]

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SoStronk Launches Delhi Server

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally happened! We’re happy to announce that we have launched SoStronk servers in New Delhi for our North Indian user base. We know we’ve had a massive number of users from up north in the country who are dedicated users and have been so for years. This is our little thank you […]

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SoStronk Launches in the Middle East

With the dawn of the new year, SoStronk is pleased to announce its expansion into the Middle-East starting with the GCC countries. Long has the region awaited a platform where players can enjoy low latencies and get headshots without having to compensate for the lag. SoStronk is answering that call by launching its services in UAE. Download the app here […]

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GOTV Tickrate

We had a tough time getting our GOTV relays smooth. Unlike match making servers, SoStronk servers run a standard 128 tickrate. This results in smoother and more accurate game play for gamers and thus is of paramount importance to SoStronk. We started off with a modest target. We wanted our GOTV relays to be on part with the official standard, […]

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What the FPS?

TLDR A weird interplay happens when a external program like the SoStronk app launches CS:GO and attempts to connect the game to the server. This has caused a small percentage of gamers to report FPS drops during gameplay. Therefore, we have implemented a workaround which requires gamers to copy and paste th connect string (which the app will conveniently place […]