SoStronk is looking for an English caster for Counter-Strike Global Offensive as a part of us expanding our team.

With the plethora of events taking place, there are loads of opportunities for budding upcoming casters to make their mark. At SoStronk you will have the opportunity to exclusively cast some of the best teams & biggest games in India & Asia.

What do you get out of it?

  • A paid internship at the awesomest eSports company in India. We’re a startup dedicated to combining the latest advancements in technology with eSports. This isn’t a part time job for us, it’s dead serious.
  • A trial 3 month period as a paid intern, after which, depending on how your internship goes you will be a full time member of the SoStronk broadcasting crew.
  • Exclusivity in casting top tier games in India & Asia
  • Coaching and assistance in your cast. You will be coached, receive training and assistance from the SoStronk production crew.

So what are we looking for?

We’re looking for the following skills & qualities:

  • An extremely good grasp of the English Language, both written and spoken. Your accent is not a factor we will consider, but you should be very clear & intelligible.
  • Have very good knowledge of the CSGO scene internationally as well as locally, coupled with an intermediate to high level understanding of the game.
  • A professional mentality and dedication. This is not a hobby for us at SoStronk, and we’d be looking for the same level of commitment and drive.
  • Any prior experience in shoutcasting or vocal related work is of course a plus.
  • Living in Bangalore is a big plus, but not essential.

So how do you apply?

  • Download the demo of the Train game between Tyloo & Renegades in the PGL eGG Asia Minor finals here
  • Record a VOD of yourself casting the entire match from beginning of the demo till the very end. This can be done using any software you want, although we would recommend OBS or Xsplit.
  • Upload the recorded VOD on youtube and mail the link to with the Subject line as ‘So you think you can cast submission by Full name’ and these details in the mail body:
    • Full name
    • Date of Birth
    • Current Occupation (if studying, exact details of what you are studying)
    • Current Address
    • Phone number
    • SoStronk alias
    • Equipment & software used in the recording
  • Remember, we are primarily interested in how you cast, and not the production quality. Just ensure the audio is clear and the game is properly captured, and that should suffice.

Deadline: Applications have to be sent in before the 14th of November.

That’s about it! If you think you really have what it takes, go ahead and show us what you got! GLHF!

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