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  • Matchmaking Update 2

    01/06/2020 by

    This is the much needed follow up to our previous blog where the ranks were reset. We have been regularly analysing our rank  data over the past two months to find out areas where the system could be improved upon. Based on our findings, there were two areas that needed improvement: Lobby changes/Modifiers and Rank Ranges. Before we begin –… Read more

  • How to join a PUBG Mobile Tournament on SoStronk

    02/06/2020 by

    1. Create your account on SoStronk and login 2. Connect your PUBG Mobile ID to your account 3. Create your PUBG Mobile team 4. Invite link for your team to share with teammates 5. Finding a tournament and registering 6. Your matches in the tournament page 7. Match page and room details 8. Joining a team

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