BGMI Teams to Propose New Rules for Third Party Tournaments says Scout

BGMI Teams to Propose New Rules for Third Party Tournaments says Scout

Realm of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is witnessing unprecedented growth and popularity. With numerous tournaments being hosted regularly with over 10 matches being played in a day.

Owner of Team XSpark, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, took to Instagram to propose new rules to third-party organizers.

Following are the proposed rules for BGMI teams:

  1. Monday Off:
    The agenda is to focus on mental and physical well-being of these young players by giving them a full day off in a week.
  2. Point of View (POV) and Watch Party Streams:
    Allowing teams to conduct POV and watch party streams until the semifinals stage not only boosts viewer engagement but also adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament. By providing fans with multiple perspectives and interactive content, the overall viewing experience is enriched.
  3. Tournament Days - Prize Pool:
    Teams recommend the following prize pool structure for upcoming tournaments:
    1. 5 Lakhs: 6 to 7 days, 2 days for Quarters, 2 days for Semis, 3 days for Finals.
    2. 10 to 15 Lakhs: 10 to 12 days, 3 days for Quarters, 3 days for Semis, 4 days for Finals.
    3. 20 to 25 Lakhs: 15 to 17 days, 5 days for Quarters, 5 days for Semis, 5 days for Finals.

      This is to ensure that tournament remains competitive.
  4. Prize Pool Terms within 90 Days:
    Setting a deadline of 90 days of the prize pool distributions for organizers to demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of players and teams.
  5. Matches/Day/TO:
    Limiting the number of 5 matches per day per organizer, during the quarters, semis, and finals stages ensures a comprehensive and engaging finale without overwhelming participants or spectators
  6. Timings 12 PM - 9 PM:
    Setting tournament timings from 12 PM to 9 PM, inclusive of a lunch break, demonstrates a consideration for the physical and mental health of players. A well-rested and nourished player is more likely to perform at their best, ultimately enhancing the quality of competition.

In conclusion, the proposed rules by BGMI teams represent a significant step forward in prioritizing player welfare and enhancing the overall experience of competitive gaming. By addressing key issues such as rest days, prize pool distributions, and match schedules, these rules lay the foundation for a more sustainable and inclusive esports ecosystem. It remains to be seen how tournament organizers respond to these proposals, but one thing is certain: the voice of players is being heard, and positive change is on the horizon for BGMI esports.