BGMI A4 Royale Pass is here: Snowfall Supreme Theme, check price, rewards, in-game items

BGMI Snowfall Supreme Royale Pass - BGMI

In the new BGMI update, the game has introduced New A4 Royale Pass in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) with Snowfall Supreme Theme and some thrilling rewards!

Get ready cause things are about to get snowy as this Royale Pass is based on the winter theme with Beary Fluffy Suits, Icy Reindeers, Cryptic Hunter set, and much more!

Beary Fluffy Set, Origami Drake - MP5K, Cryptic Hunter Set, Droopy Ears - Skorpion. Snowfall Supreme A4 Royale Pass BGMI

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Here are some of the rewards you can get in the A4 Royale Pass:

  • Rank 1 - Beary Fluffy set
Beary Fluffy Set A4 Royale Pass - BGMI
  • Rank 10 - Droopy Ears Skorpion
  • Rank 15 - Panthera Prime Plane
Panthera Prime Plane A4 Royale Pass - BGMI
  • Rank 20 - Neuro Dynamo Helmet
  • Rank 25 - Panthera Prime Parachute
  • Rank 30 - Cryptic Hunter Emote
Cryptic Hunter A4 Royale Pass - BGMI
  • Rank 35 - Modification Material Piece
  • Rank 40 - Cryptic Hunter Set and Cover
  • Rank 45 - Biowave Trekker Cover
  • Rank 50 - Panthera Prime DBS (Level 1)
  • Rank 55 - Jetstream Shark QBU
  • Rank 60 - Panthera Prime Backpack
  • Rank 65 - Panthera Prime Ornament
  • Rank 70 - Icy Reindeer
  • Rank 75 - Panthera Prime Sidecar Motorcycle
Panthera Prime Sidecar A4 Royale Pass - BGMI
  • Rank 80 - Biowave Trekker Thompson SMG, Panthera Prime Stun Grenade, Panthera Prime Emote
  • Rank 90 - Frosty Evil M249
  • Rank 100 - Panthera Prime Set (level 1)
Panthera Prime Set (Level 1) A4 Royale Pass - BGMI

How much does the A4 Royale Pass cost?

Following the usual trend the Royale Pass will cost 360 UC (for Level 1 - 50) and 720 UC (for Level 1 - 100). You can purchase Elite Pass Plus for 1920 UC in which you will right away gain 24 ranks and get all the items till rank 24 immediately.

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Elite Pass Plus comes with 3 exclusive rewards:

  1. RP Avatar Frame (A4)
  2. Victory Dance (A4)
  3. Polar Roamer Snowbike

Are you going to buy the pass or skip? The choice is yours. The end date of A4 Royale Pass is 4th March 2024 so you can plan your grind accordingly and claim all the rewards.