BGMI & PUBG Mobile: Best Erangel Drop Spots

BGMI/PUBG ERANGEL Locations - Pochinki, School, Georgopol, and Military Base

Looking to kickstart your BGMI matches on the right foot? Selecting the optimal drop spot in the Erangel map is key to securing early-game loot and gaining an advantage over opponents.

Source: Fatih Gaming

Here are some of the top drop spots to consider:

  1. Pochinki: Positioned centrally, Pochinki is a hotspot for intense early-game battles. While there are better places if you want to focus on loot, Pochinki gives you enough to go by.
  2. School: Near the center of the map, School offers a high loot density, making it a popular choice for players seeking heated fights and good loot.
  3. Georgopol: Divided into two sections; apartments and trailers. Georgopol provides vast opportunities for loot. If your plane trajectory crosses via Georgopol, it's the best place for huge showdown and great loot.
  4. Military Base: Located on the southern coast, Military Base boasts high-tier loot but attracts fierce competition. Approach with caution and be ready for intense firefights.
  5. Rozhok: Centrally situated, Rozhok offers a moderate loot density and a balanced mix of player encounters. It's a solid choice for players seeking a middle ground between action and safety.
  6. Novorepnoye: Positioned on the southern coast, Novorepnoye provides a mix of indoor and outdoor loot spawns, along with potential vehicle spawns. It's a good option for players seeking moderate loot and fewer early-game fights.
  7. Lipovka: Situated on the eastern coast, Lipovka offers a quieter start with decent loot opportunities. It's a suitable choice for players looking to avoid immediate conflicts and focus on looting.

Selecting the right drop spot depends on your preferred playstyle, whether you thrive in chaotic battles or prefer a more strategic approach. Experiment with different locations to find the perfect fit for your gameplay style, and may you emerge victorious in your Erangel adventures in BGMI!

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