We decided to help you guys gear up.

SoStronk announces one of the most insane rush sales ever. Did you say 20%? Nah homie, we talking about sales starting from 50% up to 80% off on all ZOWIE products on the SoStronk marketplace!

Start Radio Commercial Voice

  • 75% off on mice!
  • 60% off on monitors!
  • 80% off on mousepads!
  • All this and more! more! more! And even more!

End Radio Commercial Voice

For all you folks who were saving your points for a rainy day. This isn’t that day. This might just be YOUR triple rainbow day. So what are you all waiting for? Go gear up with one of the best peripheral brands out there: BenQ-Zowie.

SALE END DATE: 2nd June 2017 or till stocks last
EVENTS: 3 ZOWIE EVENTS per week with extra points

Head to the Marketplace now!

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