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Message From SoStronk’s CEO

I am writing this letter as the CEO of SoStronk to hopefully make everyone understand the decision-making process behind going from discounted 99 Rs model to the token model. I want to hopefully explain why this was the best move we could make for the sake of the community and also for the sake of SoStronk. While it seems that some of you are unhappy with our decision to move from a freemium model to a fully paid subscription model, we are constrained to do that for sustaining the viability of SoStronk, and to enhance your experience as a counter strike player. Our Story So Far Let me start from the beginning. This company was started by passionate counter-strike enthusiasts. […]

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OpTic India Draft – Tryout Now!

OpTic Gaming, one of the largest esports organizations in the world, has announced its foray into Indian esports by announcing plans to pick up an all-Indian CS:GO squad. Their Indian expedition will be carried out in partnership with AFK Gaming and SoStronk. The squad will be known as ‘OpTic India’ and will be a part of the official OpTic Gaming […]

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Partnership with Zowie

SoStronk is excited to announce our partnership with Zowie, a brand by BenQ, and a leading innovator of professional gaming hardware. Starting today, Zowie and SoStronk will be venturing into a 6 month partnership, which provides gamers with an incredible opportunity to participate in some amazing gaming events. From its inception, SoStronk has designed its platform with competitive gaming in […]

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King Of The Hill #2

King of the Hill Asia returns with the second edition, featuring 4 challengers to the throne as they look to usurp Team Threats (Ex-Team Secret) , the reigning King! This is a THREE TIERED tournament series. You can click on the individual pages below to see further details of each stage. 128 team Challenger Asia Open Qualifier – 24 Nov […]

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SoStronk’s Newest Member: Bleh!

Bleh joins the SoStronk express We are very proud and excited to introduce to the community our newest member; Sudhen ‘Bleh’ Wahengbam! He doesn’t need an introduction to you guys but we feel like with him coming on board our production and shout casting will be brought to a whole new level. Here is a short mini-interview with the man […]

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Challenger 3 Winner Announcement

Brutality wins Challenger #3 Brutality Brutality have finally got one over their long reigning rivals in the CSGO scene. The new neckbreak have always had their number for the past month or two but the new pickup of Psy and bringing back Kundya into the fold as the new IGL seemed to have finally paid dividends. It was no easy […]

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Challenger 3 Announcement

Welcome to episode #3 of the Challenger series. This is an 8/16 team first come first serve tournament, where the top four teams will get to compete in the next King Of The Hill (KOTH #4) and challenge the current King, Team JPB. This tournament is open to everyone, as long as everyone follows the tournament rules before registering. The […]

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Feature Announcement : Gated Pug

When? Early next week! Right after the King Of The Hill #3. Keep a lookout guys. What’s it about? Gated Pug basically means that anyone can play on SoStronk servers without needing an account on SoStronk or the app downloaded! This feature is to cater to all the casual players who are interested in getting into the competitive scene and […]