(27 October) cfeda0ed

Finally fixed a crash that happened when a new server was launched

Automatically login when buying tokens via the app

Login window can be moved

(23 October) 0e824662

Lootboxes will disappear after they’re opened
Fixed chat during PUG map veto
Fixed party composition indicator during PUG map veto

(22 October) ba12e0df

Fixed a bug in Stash that was preventing Lootboxes from showing up. Thanks TenZera!
User profile links from various places in the app. Thanks Dragg!
Its no longer funny to kick yourself from PUG party 🙁
Fixes for group chat in Lobbies

(11 October) 068c1e1f

Fixed incorrect forfeit time showing for some matches
Fixed lootbox notification not responding to clicks

(30 September) 69a6fc61

Show only Practice enabled locations in Wizard
Re-added translations

(20 September) 62b3d57d

Bug fix for Events popup showing up blank sometimes
Fixed negative time showing in Scrim listings

(10 September) c70a8cea

Fixed missing rank images on MMR graph
Use less bandwidth when updating servers

(7 September) 08665092

Added forfeit time display for Official Map Veto
Added sound cues for Captains joining and ready for Official Map Veto

(6 September) 76aab3ff

Rush checkbox will be disabled if a player has no Rush tokens
Added a Minimize button as requested by users

(31 August) e5a72ac4

Improved Server Browser
Fixed Event alert sounds playing multiple times
Fixed exploit in PUG party allowing searches without a token
Show official match details on server browser
Updated game details for PUG/Rush in the party

(24 August) 0dda39bc4

Elite subscribers will now have Unlimited Tokens

Fixed Events notifications when an Event goes live

Show list of locations where PUG will be searched

Reintroduced kick option for PUG party creator’s use

(21 August) ee38e5a38

Fixed inventory appearing blank

(20 August) 8137c128a

Improvements for MMR Graph
Fixed Watch button in Server Browser
Fixed Connect button in Server address popup

(19 August) 290984994

Fixed bug in PUG end screen so it doesnt show up blank
Show current and next rank on MMR history

(17 August) 89ad7453b

Copy server address automatically
Fixed friend request notifications

(16 August) 4009fcad6

Fixed Anticheat settings
Fixed bug in News Flash that caused it to appear intermittently
Ping limiter can now be set to 20ms
Profile tab will automatically refresh
Show nearest Events at the top
Fixed chat area being editable

(15 August) 73e4d9a49

More efficient desktop app
Karma +/- options on PUG end screen

(11 July) ac899bfdb

Fixed Events showing live even when server IP wasn’t available
Show live Events in PUG party screen

(2 July) f45da28ea

Added Events tile to help with joining events
Bug fixes

(14 May) 324649d4a

Fixed Odin’s memory usage

(29 April) b85f26c9b

Added vertigo for Tournament Matches

(11 April) 05eb69eae

Added vertigo
Fixed anticheat installation errors

(14 March )516ba0ac7

Added notification for trial games left
Discount for Tournament participants

(6 March) 5b16afe57

Fixed Anticheat errors for some users
Referral section for Official Matches

(4 March) ece65de64

Referral section for PUG party

(21 February) 44f2aa85a

Fixed Anticheat not starting for some users

(19 February) 0e9841e19

Bug fixes for Registration flow on App

(16 January) 9359cbc0c

Prevent Invite button from being spammed in PUG party (Thanks Hei)
Show detailed PUG stats in a separate window after PUG has finished
Show party composition on Map Veto screen

(10 January) 4ae520a70

Fixed bug when dragging the window on Windows 10
Improved time taken to find a match by searching +1/1 ranks around the player
Updated pings will be sent to the matchmaking service even while searching

(28 December) 6f8bcf43e

Performance and messaging improvements

(29 November) 5db5bd5e6

Fixed errors when showing versus in server browser

(28 November) ce427155f

Released Versus
Odin stability fixes

(2 October) c88826aa2

Fixed high GPU usage on some setups

(21 September) 2b54c3105

Fixed bug with Ping Limiter
Fixed bug with Rush Accept getting stuck at 7/10

(20 September) 57a4beb11

Remember last used settings like Max Ping, Rush Opt-in etc

(19 September) 456e98444

Option to search for Rush and PUG games together!
Win Rush games and reduce PUG cooldown levels
Feedback screen for Matches and Scrims

(11 September) 2d3b1da38

Record demo option for private scrims.

(26 August) 64b317c2d

Fixed server browser showing empty on non-English setups.

(15 August) 35cf0f9ec

Fixed theming bug in server mode selector dropdown

(15 August) 53275e022

Made the server mode selector into a dropdown
Support for Arena 1v1 servers

(10 August) 1c27d50ee

Do not quit PUG party in case of errors

(8 August) 72a60409d

Better messaging in PUG Map Veto
More fixes for Map Veto for official matches
Odin fixes for Panorama

(1 August) bc2b0df68

More fixes for Map Veto for official matches

(31 July) 090bc9976

Fixed player tiles in Map Veto screen
Fixed a bug in Map Veto in official matches

(30 July) a422d7a33

Show correct Queue count in Rush
Fixed issue with Panorama when playing Rush
Fixed Rush servers in Server Browser

(30 July) 8af164f8d

Map Veto for PUGs and preparation for Rush mode

(21 July) 9985e1fcb

Reduce bandwidth usage for events from app #2

(10 July) d787cb448

Reduce bandwidth usage for events from app

(7 July) 747392c47

Reliability improvements #4 for Anticheat loading in-game

(3 July 2018) 3c02342dd

Reliability improvements #3 for Anticheat loading in-game

(1 July 2018) 2d274f226

Reliability improvements #2 for Anticheat loading in-game

(28 June 2018) fef8d2de2

Reliability improvements for Anticheat loading in-game

(26 June 2018) 52b38ebf4

Anticheat automatic error logging

(22 June 2018) b0dde6f74

Fix bug when opening lootboxes

(17 June 2018) 0eff6fea0

Fixed queue count on Next party

(16 June 2018) f0c0a5456

Fixed online user count on homescreen
Added tooltips for queue count in PUG screen

(15 June 2018) 3cd40f012

Priority Queue for Subscribers
Max cooldown is now limited to 3 days (1 day for subscribers)
Show total players in-game during while searching (+ players in queue for subscribers)

(11 June 2018) 3d12b0e44

Improvements to Anticheat logs. This makes them more useful for diagnosis issues

(7 June 2018) bda92415e

Anticheat stability improvements so that service doesn’t die randomly

(6 June 2018) 6016e42ca

Anticheat is mandatory for a select group of players

(1 June 2018) d0162c34a

Fourth set of improvements for FPS issues
Fixed issues with Map Selector in PUG

(28 May 2018) 5d182bf85

Fixed anticheat installer

(26 May 2018) 082ef0d95

Third set of improvements for FPS issues

(23 May 2018) b75253bae

Second set of improvements for FPS issues. Thanks for the help Avi 🙂

(23 May 2018) 37d7deadc

First set of improvements for FPS issues

(22 May 2018) 7ba248197

Enabled SoStronk Odin for Scrims

(10 May 2018) c1bb301b4

Increase ping limiter maximum to 250ms. Default stays at 110ms.
UI fixes for Next Lobby

(28 Apr 2018) 2412067d7

UI fixes

(27 Apr 2018) 308de105c

New Scrim Listing

(26 Apr 2018) 8a4cb8b97

Replaced cbble with dust2 in map veto

(24 Apr 2018) 8a4cb8b97

Do not give cooldown to players joining an in-Accept party
Show the Accept screen immediately if player has navigated away from party

(23 Apr 2018) aaca52cf0

Avoid cooldowns when accepting by disabling X/Back buttons
Fix bug in Scrim Listing notification
UI fixes for menus

(19 Apr 2018) b56a2a1c4

Fix friends list search

(18 Apr 2018) f010943e1

Scrim Listing notifications
UI fixes

(7 Apr 2018) 0acb222a9

Collect user OS details to help with Anticheat release

(6 Apr 2018) cea037cdc

Improved app bandwidth usage

(27 Mar 2018) 8c7c62eb8

Improved startup speed

(27 Mar 2018) f572e028f

Further bandwidth optimization

(19 Mar 2018) dc597b8e2

Optimize bandwidth used by the app

(11 Mar 2018) 6aadffa3c

Fixed language selector

(6 Mar 2018) 9895d76de


(2 Mar 2018) 48265883f

Bug fixes for Banned player notification

(1 Mar 2018) 65391f05b

Notifications when players are banned and PUGs are canceled.

(22 Feb 2018) a3cd48c97

Bug fixes and optimizations

(13 Feb 2018) 7f3a14fb4

We now show a message if matchmaking found a game but someone has stopped searching.
Fixed offline installer link.

(31 Jan 2018) 60cb010db

Added cooldown for not accepting a PUG
Fixed update from appearing multiple times for a single update
Sound alert when a PUG search is stopped

(13 Jan 2018) 76b3fac2c

Added party size restrictions for leaderboard eligibility

(12 Dec 2017) 5f19b0aac

Improved the update experience for app

(5 Dec 2017) 5f19b0aac

Server launch fixes for PUG
Fixed message when ping limiter is set too low

(2 Dec 2017) 95f3bc501

Automatically award points to leaderboard winners

(30 Nov 2017) fb8295306

Fixed an issue with PUG Accepts not working for non-solo parties
Added more locations in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore

(29 Nov 2017) 7282f9ee5

Accept button in PUG is faster now
Fixed maps in map veto screen for official matches
Handle errors when creating Scrim server
Fixed menus in Server Browser for official matches

(27 Oct 2017) b496bd292

Improved GOTV options for matches

(26 Oct 2017) ab2d41a0b

Serve update files over HTTPS so that Avast doesn’t cry

(16 Oct 2017) a5740cf42

Bug fixes for ping limiter

(12 Oct 2017) a94affe69

Allow subscribers to set maximum ping for matchmaking

(6 Oct 2017) 8d35450e4

UI fixes for tooltip

(18 Sep 2017) 379d5512c

Fixed the Help section not sizing properly

(16 Sep 2017) bbdcdaa82

Fixed the app getting hung and consume lot of CPU in a particular case

(13 Sep 2017) 69fe4ee15

Fixed PUG player search count not appearing

(11 Sep 2017) 39f35b1ff

Fixed crash on the login screen

(8 Sep 2017) 88cbdff94

UI fixes for Login, PUG, Scrim Listing and Invite Dialog
Messaging fixes for Captain Sort for Next

(1 Sep 2017) f65b5b083

Fixes for PUG when accepting / launching servers
Improved scrollbars, they are now interactive in most places
Improved Feed visuals
Captain Sort for SoStronk Next

(6 Aug 2017) 5520b59

Fixed map preferences not working for particular resolutions
Better ping updates in PUG/Next party

(5 Aug 2017) 5fa5383

Fixed bug where people couldn’t accept PUG from DM browser
Next party can now be minimized while searching to explore the app
Fixed map preferences for Next.

(2 Aug 2017) f66b56c

Fixed map preferences not working for low res screens.

(1 Aug 2017) 9319dcf

SoStronk Next is here and PUGs are back. FINALLY!

(30 July 2017) edb8223

Fixed PUG details in server browser.

(26 July 2017) 1add8a9

Fixed bug with Scrim Listings which prevented listings from appearing.

(25 July 2017) 89bdd83

Fixed bug where map preferences would not be synced across PUG party members.

(24 July 2017) 8997737

Reduced bandwidth consumption on app startup.
Added more logging rules to help with user submitted reports.

(20 July 2017) 6114d3e

UI fixes for XP and Inventory

(20 July 2017) 3be2a0b

Added refresh button to matches section for lobbies.
Added Leave button to PUG party.

(14 Jul 2017) 81c9d49

Improved matches section.
Added support for upcoming coupons feature.

(3 Jul 2017) 67e6c06

Improved the feed to show more relevant information about Events.

(26 Jun 2017) 02f4769

Feed will now show time remaining for events on hover and show a highlight when its live.

(21 Jun 2017) 450d704

Users can join events directly from the app home screen Feed.
PUG will announce names of people who didn’t accept the match.

(15 Jun 2017) a1a5628

Upcoming matches will appear above finished matches in the Feed.

(13 Jun 2017) 959f624

Ignore proxies set in Control Panel, this fixes issues with people with invalid proxies not able to connect to SoStronk.

(12 Jun 2017) 9954853

Performance improvements.

(3 Jun 2017) 1c803d7

Announce names of players who did not accept a PUG.

(1 Jun 2017) 854ab75

Fixed app height calculations on High DPI displays.

(28 May 2017) 6c2e622

Fixed the PUG server not launching even after 10/10 people accept.

(25 May 2017) bf474c0

Optimizations for people with lots of people in friends list.

(22 May 2017) 754086

Bug fixes.

(20 May 2017) 23cf013

Reduce errors from the logs and optimized network calls.

(19 May 2017) 81bcc05

Bug fixes.

(17 May 2017) 07a00da

Reduce bandwidth consumption when searching for PUG.

(7 May 2017) b6ac955

Increased the PUG Accept time to 25 seconds

(6 May 2017) c511641

Lobbies will stay even after a PUG finishes so that players can search again
Show selected server location and flag in Scrim Listing

(4 May 2017) b646a58

Reduce bandwidth consumption when refreshing the server browser.

(3 May 2017) 2b97394

Fixed a bug where sometimes the app main area would go blank.

(30 April 2017) 68c01a0

Possible fix for map preference not working for some players.

(29 April 2017) 9e1e15b

Fixed the PUG button not appearing once a cooldown is finished.
Added logs to help diagnose the Map Preference selection issue.

(28 April 2017) 7ce3d32

Join button with server IP when your cooldown is about to start.
Made Go, Accept and Stop buttons more responsive.
Adjusted sizing parameters for low resolution screens.
Fixed the DM link from PUG screen.

(26 April 2017) 8f18a18

UI bug fixes.

(24 April 2017) c7fcc2d

Improve notifications area and the button.
Events will now show weapon icons in the Feed.
Disabled the buggy window resize area.


Made server browser easier to find, adjusted marketplace tab sizing and fixed ready up buttons in map veto.


Fixed Scrim server status in server browser. Also updated Japanese, Thai and Chinese translations.


Fixed the app’s header area not displaying properly on low resolutions. Also fixed wrong rank appearing on the PUG end screen.


Bug fixes to PUG end screen. Bug fix for missing notification icon is coming tomorrow.


Fixed bug for Accept in PUG when screen would go blank.


Improved stability and reliability of PLAY server launches.


Improved ping updates for players searching for PLAY games.


App will not use your system proxy by default. A lot of people were having issues because they had set an invalid proxy.


Bug fixes.


Show ban information on the app.


Earn SoStronk points by including SoStronk.com in your Steam name!


Added Help button to app.


Bug fixes.


Added Mongolian translations.


Bug fixes.


Added ready up and countdown sounds for CUSTOM lobbies.


Better handling of name changes for server locations.


Reduce memory consumption once the app has started. Fixed time for recent notifications.


Show match results and forfeit wins in the map veto lobby. Show basic match server details in server browser.


Improved match notifications and map veto lobby.


Fixed the watch button on the right-hand sidebar to work with GOTV relays.


Fixed bug with match server ready notification.


Fixed a bug which prevented correct GOTV IPs appearing for Matches.


Fixed a bug in Best of 1 map veto when the last map is auto picked.


Added chat room to map veto lobby. Fixed fonts for tournaments.


The app will report server creation times so that we can optimize it.


The app will not show match-only locations in Wizard.


Players will now see JOIN button on the app home screen.


10-man/custom PUGs are now shown differently in the app.


Player names in PUG details now link to profile pages.


This update prepares your app for today’s PLAY testing.


Made the points link to your points history page.


You can now minimize the PLAY party screen. Enjoy rest of SoStronk while searching!


Fixed close buttons on dialogs and main window.


Fix systray icon.


Fix the app icon to appear on white backgrounds.


Update to the new SoStronk icons.


Added a button to mark notifications as read.


Fix some issues with the server browser.


Show only servers which are ready for players to join.


Made the Play join button more reliable.
Made the cooldown indicator more reliable so it doesn’t show blank IPs.


Fixed the accept progress not showing up in Play.


Fixed a major bug with 10-man/custom mode.


Fixed the accept button not appearing for Play.


Make it easier for Events to be discovered.


Improvements for Play messaging.


Small fixes for Play.


Improvements to games played through Play.




Bug fixes.


Bug fixes for the app not responding for some people.


Improved error messages in server wizard.


Bug fixes.


Fixed the app’s Windows version detection code.


Fixed the pings appearing in the wrong color in server browser.


Bug fixes.


Fixed the server browser showing incorrect server details.


Bug fixes.


Fixed a bug with the server browser.


Starting our App 2.0 beta testing program.


New Pro Preview for Scrims – play till 30 rounds (will be enabled soon)


Improved server browser performance. Also we take 7MB less on your hard disk now 🙂


Fixed the close and minimize buttons. Improved server browser status reporting.


Bug fixes.


Fixed the activity log in map pick/ban veto lobby.


Replaced Inferno with Nuke in Map Veto for Official Matches.


Improved error reporting for EasyAntiCheat. Added new Korean translation.


This adds a font fallback for players who are unable to load our fonts from the app.


This update includes a workaround to fix an incompatibility with Windows XP.


This update includes EasyAntiCheat which is required to play on all SoStronk servers.


Added some features for PGL KeSPA Asia Minor Qualifiers.


This update brings a surprise for some lucky users!


Fixed theme inconsistencies in some dialogs.


This update fixes cooldown being shown incorrectly to some players who have higher levels of cooldown.


Fixed Play Lobby player menus and german words appearing in dialogs.


This update improves the time it takes to do the initial connection to our service. The app will now connect much faster!


This update brings improvements to the Play Lobby.


This update makes sure Create Server doesn’t get stuck at Launching for a long time. A lot of UI improvements as well.


This update prevents situations where Play lobby can get stuck at “Creating” for a time longer than half a minute.


This update temporarily disables ping sorting for server location selector as it was buggy. We will fix it in next update.


Enjoy the Play lobby folks! Please let us know how it goes 🙂


This update adds support for Play lobby that will be enabled soon.


This update brings translations to the app – English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese (CN), Traditional Chinese (HK)


This update improves window positioning with multi-monitor setups.


This update fixes bugs with tooltips and server browser filtering. It also makes sure that the app is available only once its connected to SoStronk servers.


This update fixes a UI bug related to the button theme.


This update fixes a bug where a server was being created in the wrong location.


Practice servers can now be filtered. This update also brings UI polish as usual.


Fixed a bug with the server location filter.


Given that we have too many servers these days (#showoff), this update lets you filter them. Also includes bug fixes to server locations and lobby.


This update shows players’ ping on the lobby to help admins make decisions on where to create match servers.


This update contains few more UI changes and bug fixes.


This update makes UI changes, mostly consisting of banner updates and polishing Events tab.


Fixed a bug that caused the app to sometimes be positioned at negative screen coordinates.


Events tab now shows lobbies and tournaments.


  • We now have tabs to separate the different views that are coming soon in the app.
  • Match lobby now has a limit on the time a team gets to pick or ban a map.


  • Fixed a bug where app could not be updated without logging in.
  • Improvements to the chat dialog regarding focus.
  • Introducing our first Pro Preview feature for Scrims which will be enabled this afternoon.


    This adds keyboard shortcuts for navigation in chat dialog.


    Friends and chat is now enabled!


    This app update brings support for chat and friends which will be enabled soon.


    This app update brings support for notifications which will be rolled out in a couple of days.


    We have a fixed a bug where the app used to get stuck at “Checking for Updates” sometimes.


    The app now uses better fonts to improve readability.


    This fixes a typo in the cooldown message, thanks Nikhil Ravindra Wadekar 🙂


    This update brings in support for cooldown feature for PUG.


    This update lets you search servers according to type, status or map. It also fixes bugs where some dialogs were getting positioned incorrectly.


    The broken forgot password link on the app is now fixed.


    With this update, the app will automatically work on Windows XP, the registry file mentioned earlier should not be needed.


    With this update, this update changelog will appear whenever the app gets an update.


    With this update, the app tries its best to run even on Windows XP! However, keep in mind that XP is not officially supported.


    This update makes it possible to resize the match lobby window.


    This fixes a bug which caused the pick/ban in map veto to not animate press-and-hold feedback.


    The app will detect timeouts faster so that we can be more aggressive trying to get you online as soon as possible.


    The app now uses a lighter mechanism to make a realtime connection to our server. This will fix problems where people with choked connections were getting kicked even when their SoStronk app was on.


    The app now asks before restarting for an update as people were treating the auto restart as a crash.


    On popular demand, the app now asks for confirmation before downloading updates.


    Fixed the server browser to that official tournament matches appear at the top.


    The server browser has been revamped to show more useful details about SoStronk servers so you can find the correct game for you.


    This update brings a redesigned match lobby.


    This update brings network optimizations for the app. Creating a server, match and being in a lobby will consume less bandwidth and fill be faster so that you can enjoy more! It also improves system tray notifications in certain scenarios.


    This update contains fixes to the logging that the app does to make debugging easier.


    This is a developer fix which makes app version more consistent with rest of our system.


    The messages related to checking and downloading update have been improved.


    This update fixes window placement issues when logging out from app.


    The app will fetch an update from CS:GO server whenever someone joins/leaves the server. This will ONLY happen when the SoStronk window is open and active.


    With this update the app will show a downloading indicator on the main screen. This is so that you know the app is updating and you should let it complete rather than close it 😉

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