Bleh joins the SoStronk express

We are very proud and excited to introduce to the community our newest member; Sudhen ‘Bleh’ Wahengbam! He doesn’t need an introduction to you guys but we feel like with him coming on board our production and shout casting will be brought to a whole new level. Here is a short mini-interview with the man himself.

Interview with Bleh

Q1 How do you feel now that you are a fully fledged member of the SoStronk team?

Hmmm…empowered and sostronk XD

Q2. What is the one thing you want to implement desperately with SoStronk?

A world class production set-up. People who watch the games should feel like they’re watching something even better than other events and leagues like ESEA, FaceIt, etc.

Q3. What two casters do you get inspiration from? To whom can you compare your casting style to?

Joe “Please Don’t Call Me ‘Joe ‘Joe Miller’ Miller'” Miller and Stuart ‘Tosspot’ Saw. Since I’m a play by play caster, I look up to these two amazing casters for the sheer hype and fun they bring to a cast.
I really can’t compare my casting style to anyone as such, but I would say I try and bring Joe Miller/Tosspot’s big game hype with a bit of dry humour like James and DDK.

Q4. What is one piece of advice you can give upcoming shoutcasters? Casting aspects often overlooked or should be paid more attention to?

Don’t pretend. Never force false emotions into your casts, your viewers are more perceptive than you would believe. Be honest in your casting and always, ALWAYS try to improve.
Many new casters I’ve come across tend not to do their homework (researching the teams, understanding the game better, etc) which is very important. Also, try and find your own style, bring something new to the table to differentiate yourself from the rest.
I would highly recommend Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chanoler’s guide on shoutcasting for anyone looking to get into this business.

Q5. RapidFire Round – Favorite Player? Favorite Team? Favorite Map? Favorite Gun? Favorite Troll? Favorite way to grief?

_Filip ‘Neo’ Kubski. Fnatic. demirage. AWP. n0thing. Put up a avatar of Kim Jong-un and call myself ‘North Korea Best Korea’ and solo queue Indian MM while speaking in fake Korean and yelling ‘Glory to the Fatherland!’ everytime we win a round.

Q6. You got any catchphrases?

I really haven’t worked on any catchphrases, but some viewers have noticed that I use a couple of phrases quite often: “He RIPS his head off” and “He’s going absolutely massive!” I also like throwing in “Instant Brain Surgery” whenever someone lands a nice one tap HS 😉

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